Day 15 #100horsesbyroxanne

After yesterday's drawings I wanted to give this exercise another go but this time using a pure, 8B, graphite stick. I found that the Mars Lumograph Black pencils weren't as 'smudgy' as I'd have liked and figured that pure graphite would be more ideal for this. I repeated the same process as yesterday but opted to start by drawing with my non-dominant hand (see photo below) instead of beginning with blind contour drawing. Both ways of drawing are fun and freeing. 

I haven't used a graphite stick to create an entire drawing with in a long time so it was interesting to see how I would get on. Like charcoal there's something quite primal about using this natural material in its bare state. Graphite sticks come in a variety of widths. I have a selection but today I used a really chunky one. I noticed it seemed to glide across the paper which allowed me to work much quicker and more spontaneous. 

Stage 1

Drawing a horse head with the non-dominant hand


Stage 2

With gestural movements I then loosely applied the main tones I could see on the reference photo. The broadness of the graphite stick really helped to cover more of the surface in a less amount of time.


Applying gestural tone to a drawing of a horse head. 


Stage 3

As with yesterday's drawings, I used my plastic eraser to 'knock back' what I'd just done to leave a 'ghost' image of the drawing which creates atmosphere in the drawing. Just as I predicted the graphite was excellent at creating lots of 'smudge' when the eraser went across it, something that my pencils didn't really achieve previously. 

Erasing as part of tonal drawing exercise of a horse's head.


Stage 4

The final stage was then working back into the drawing to pick out the tones and some of the detail. 

Expressive linear and tonal drawing of a horse head.


If I was to draw in this way again, I'd definitely use a softer material such as pure graphite or charcoal. I'm glad I gave it another go using something different to see how the result would change. 

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