Roxanne Gooderham studio


I’m a Midlands based Fine Artist with a studio based in an old 19th century church at Gailey in the heart of South Staffordshire. I completed my BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, UK in 2006. With an extensive portfolio of original works including many commissions, I have sold my work both nationally and internationally and achieved a few awards along the way.

As well as animal portraits I'm always willing to take on other subjects as commissions. You can view some examples of these here.

Although predominantly working in pencil and charcoal I also work in pen, watercolour, inks, oils, acrylics and pastels. Not only do I produce careful, detailed commissions and studies, but throughout my personal work I use my imagination to create much looser artworks filled with dramatic atmosphere.

My personal practice is inspired by battle scenes, medieval jousts, period costume, historic buildings and landscapes as well as the many stories surrounding King Arthur and his knights. These, amongst other themes, are interpreted in my own artistic style using a variety of media. This work is ongoing and I continue to explore and experiment with these ideas. 

I developed an enthusiasm for history through visiting historic sites with my father as a child, experiencing various re-enactments and absorbing the atmosphere. These childhood experiences remain with me to this day. Having come from an artistic background and growing up in the South Staffordshire countryside, I was immersed in art and developed a lifelong passion for horses, animals and the rural landscape. These elements have now become part of my life and are woven into the artwork I produce.


Roxanne Gooderham studio