How long does a portrait take?

It usually takes between 4-6 weeks depending on the paper size you choose and how detailed the portrait is. For special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas you will need to make sure you book well in advance.

When do you need payment?

I ask for a 30% deposit before work commences and the remainder before  collection/posting.

What photos do you need?

I can only draw as well as the reference photos provided. Read my Photography Guide to find out more. I need one image that you would really love drawn and then a few others to give me an idea of personality of the animal.

Do I need both pets in the same photograph to work from?

No, you can have separate photographs of your pets and I bring them all into one portrait. As long as they are good quality photographs there won't be a problem.

What if my pet has passed away and I can't take new photos?

If your pet has sadly passed away but you have photos please feel free to send what you have over to me and I can see if they are good enough for me to work from.

Can you come and take photos of my pet instead? 

Only if you are local to me. If you live further afield then there will be an additional cost. Get in touch for details.

I live abroad, do you ship internationally?

Yes, I ship all over the world. There will be an extra cost and normally takes around 4 – 6 weeks to get to you so make sure you leave plenty of time to book your portrait. Contact me and I will give you an estimated price.

Do you illustrate other subjects other than animals?

Yes, I do. I draw people, landscapes, historical reenactment portraits and illustrations for books. If you have an idea in mind, why not get in touch for a chat?