Day 18 #100horsesbyroxanne

I've never drawn the muscles of a horse before and wow, it is hard! I thought that studying the skull was difficult but this is something else. There are lines going in all directions and gets extremely confusing. Then there's the issue of proportion. Drawing the outline of the head and then trying to fit everything inside it as accurately as possible proved challenging and I know that there are a few areas of the drawing that aren't 100% correct. 

I'm learning so much from drawing the horse's anatomy it's incredible. I'm beginning to see where things should be and why they are there and find it fascinating reading about what some of the muscles actually do.

I used my Staedtler Mars Lumograph Black pencils for this one, probably not the best media to use here as it's in black and white. When I draw the muscles again I think it'd help if I use coloured pencils to highlight them to make it better for me to see visually. 

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