Day 39 #100horsesbyroxanne

Following on from yesterday's blind contour drawings today is all about using both the dominant and non-dominant hand. More can be found on using the non-dominant hand on Day 12 of my blog. 

This time I decided to use my non-dominant hand to set down the initial drawing to keep it loose, simple and free of any tension. Going forward I wanted to be mindful of how it felt to alternate between using the two hands. Obviously, the right side felt easier and more controlled and the left side was awkward yet unrestrained. As I felt myself relapse into detail again whilst using the right hand, I then began to use the left to liberate the process. 

This was a great exercise for me as it now means that I can use this when I feel I  want to break free from the clutches of detail and focus more on the freedom of expression and movement. 

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