Day 45 #100horsesbyroxanne

Having started drawing horses from life on a regular basis from the beginning of this year there have been times when I've gotten extremely frustrated at not being able to draw them quick enough because of them moving. I've worked from photos and in such detail for a long time and drawing horses in the flesh has definitely been a shock to the artistic system 🤯 

As well as using this project to observe the anatomy of the horse I've also been looking for ways to help me capture their movement in a fleeting moment and I think I may have found a solution. I stumbled upon a horsey website with a beginners guide to drawing horses using a stick figure method. Although I'm not a beginner, sometimes going back to basics and learning things you've never touched on before, I think, can help to strengthen your work in the long run. This way of drawing certainly make me feel like I'm a beginner 🤣

I can't see the name of the artist who has written the lessons on the site so unfortunately I can't credit them here but I really love the way they make the lessons easy to understand and most of all, make them fun. This is yet another process I can test out in the field. The key, this artist says, is to just keep practising these stick figures and to do as many as you can to express the horse's movement. 

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