Day 61 #100horsesbyroxanne

I’ve been having a little play with filming today. It was one of my goals this year to start posting videos of me drawing/painting as I usually feel a little uncomfortable when people watch me work and I want to overcome that ‘fear’. I’ve wanted to do one of these time-lapses for a while now and I FINALLY did it today! and my first EVER demo! 💪🥳 You can see the video on either my Instagram or my Facebook page

I thought I’d combine experimenting with video with today’s 100 days piece. I’ve recently been looking at the whole body of the horse but today I’m keeping it relatively simple and opted to focus on the head. Here I'm using charcoal, graphite and pastel.

It’s weird because although this video wasn’t live I felt really nervous filming. I got into the swing of it eventually but the first few minutes or so I had a horrible feeling of utter dread. Having a camera looming over you while you work I found rather invasive and kept worrying about making mistakes.

In the end I settled into it and am ‘almost’ happy with the final drawing. There are a few areas where the proportions are a little out but seeing as though I was learning something else new today, I'll let myself off. I think the more practice I get with the whole video thing, the more it’ll become second nature I’m sure🤞

For those of you who use video, did you feel the same as me in the beginning? How do you feel when you film yourself working? 🤔 I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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