Day 63#100horsesbyroxanne

Cardboard feels so great to draw on so I wanted to try drawing the legs again like I did on day 59. I was inspired by the positioning of the legs in the reference photo I was working from for this one and wanted to reproduce their beautiful angles. However, instead of them looking elegant, flexible and full of movement, the final outcome looks rigid and awkward.

In hindsight and on closer observation the inside hind leg should be longer and thigh broader as that's the leg closest to us. At present it looks like it's on the same plane as the outer hind leg which I think is what's making the drawing look a little strange. The buttock also need to be bigger to achieve the correct proportion.

Im pretty pleased with the angles of the front legs but the upper part of the inside leg and the shoulder could've done with being broader. The horse in the reference photo is at a 3/4 angle but I don't get the full sense of this position from my drawing. I think perhaps if I'd have made the entire chest area bigger too it would have helped with the foreshortening and realised that 3/4 angle I was after.

There would have been a time when I'd have thrown pieces that didn't work away, like today's, and started again. I also wouldn't have dreamt of showing people drawings or paintings which didn't go as planned. However, over time I've come to accept that nothing is ever perfect. In order to learn and progress you have to make mistakes. This is the most valuable lesson I've learnt throughout my artistic career. 

Recognising and talking about the artwork which isn't necessarily my best I'd like to think is not only helpful for me but to other artists too. I hope it makes them feel at ease knowing that no matter how good an artist you are that everyone has their bad days and you just have to ride it out. 

By documenting and sharing my art, It's certainly helped me to recognise exactly where the faults lie in my work and what I need to do in order to rectify those faults in my next attempts. Nowadays, I try to keep calm and carry on working until I do get it right. Embrace those mistakes and don't let them throw you off course. 💪😊

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