Day 92 #100horsesbyroxanne

I'm moving onto something slightly different today involving not only the horse but the human figure too. My personal work (the work I create alongside my animal portrait commissions) is an exploration into my passion for medieval history, war horses and the natural landscape. This is an ongoing line of enquiry which I wish to continue studying. 

Before starting the 100 day project I knew I wanted to become more proficient in drawing horses because they are an important aspect of my work, hence deciding on the 'horse' as the subject for the project. As I develop my personal practice further, the human figure will also become an important symbol to feature in my work.

Now I have delved into the realm of horse anatomy and discovered a variety of ways to depict it, I now wish to begin exploring the human form and its proportions in comparison to the horse. This is a HUGE theme and looking at human form is a completely separate project in itself so this will certainly be an ongoing topic of investigation for me way after this project has ended. 

After scouring the internet and flicking through various books, I was surprised to find that there were no lessons or advice on how to draw the horse and the figure alongside each other in an anatomical/proportion sense. The only thing I could find which was exactly what I was looking for was by an artist called, Lineke Lijn. Her YouTube videos are technical but extremely helpful and easy to understand. Not only does Lineke talk you through how to draw a rider on a horse but she also explains how to break the human figure up into sections in order to achieve the correct proportions and how to use this method when transferring the figure onto the horse. I found her lesson invaluable. If anyone finds anything else like this online or in a book that could help me then please do leave a comment below.  

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