Day 96 #100horsesbyroxanne

More ink today because I just can't help myself 😎.

This time I was using the same reference photo and using a stiff bristled oil paint brush, not the usual brush to be applying ink with. A softer brush is more ideal if you want to get smooth, flowing marks but as you know by now I don't tend to stick to the norm. I like to explore the effects that can be created using a variety of tools and methods. 

Like with yesterday's drawing I set myself a time limit and worked quickly, trying to capture the essence of the movement of the pose. Again, I held the paintbrush at the very end so that it would force me to lose a little control and to keep the drawing loose. Drawing those many stick figures throughout this project to help me establish the main anatomical structure, is proving so helpful when doing quick sketches such as this. It's helped me to visually break down the subject into the principal shapes and lines in order to bring forward the most important details of the horse/rider. In this instance it was the movement of the horse and the proportions of the figure compared to the proportions of the horse which I tried to concentrate on during the process.

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