How to display your artwork correctly

When you've understood how to care for your framed artwork on paper, because of potential elements in your home which may damage the work, such as heat or damp, you can now start to have some fun with how to display your art. By giving this next step a little thought and consideration it will give you more of an effective display, especially if you have multiple pictures to hang.

As you walk around an art gallery it's pretty much guaranteed that the pictures you see hanging in there are all displayed at eye level. This is how most pictures are designed to be viewed whether they are paintings on canvas or framed drawings on paper. When you've chosen a spot for your picture think about hanging it at eye-level. If you place it too high you won't see it as well and will have less of an impact. Too low and the same effect will occur. As Goldilocks quite rightly said, you want it 'just right', to be able to fully appreciate it. The eye-level also depends on what room you are hanging the picture in. If it's in the dining room, you may want the eye-level to be slightly lower so that you can admire the artwork while you are sitting down. 

What if you're hanging a group of pictures of different sizes? Try laying them out flat on the floor first before hanging them. This way you can come up with an arrangement that you like. This is completely individual and is up to you how you order them. There's no right or wrong way of doing it. You'll just know when it looks balanced.

You're now ready to get your hammer, spirit level and picture hook to hang your gorgeous framed piece of art. 

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