Day 2 #100horsesbyroxanne

I have a few horse anatomy books in the studio and got them out today to begin studying the skull of the horse in my A3 sketchbook. When I'm painting and drawing horses I want to start to understand exactly what's going on underneath the skin so that I can depict them as accurately as I can, even in my looser, abstract work. I figured that the head was the obvious place to start.

I'm not setting out to learn every single name connected with the anatomy nor do I need to know every minute detail, after all I'm no biologist 🥸, but getting to know a little more about how these fabulous animals move and examining the internals will help me to recognise any proportional inaccuracies evident in any of my future artworks. 

Drawing the skull was amazingly insightful. The very act of drawing it allowed me to fully appreciate the complexity of its structure. Reading about what I was drawing also assisted with my understanding of its function. 

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