Day 20 #100horsesbyroxanne

Wow! Day 20 already?! Where's that time gone? 😮 The end still feels like such a loooong way off but it'll creep up on me soon enough I'm sure. Time is so short and I'm going to make sure I continue to make the most of this project. Even at day 20 I'm beginning to notice a change in my way of thinking. I feel myself not worrying as much about the outcome of each drawing and just enjoying the moment I'm in and the process I'm going through.

Today I chose to focus on the eye again after yesterday's technical drawing. In this one I wanted to keep in mind the anatomy but portray it in my own expressive way as I did on day 9. However, the comparison between today's drawing and the one I drew on day 9 is that with this one I have a much better understanding and knowledge of the horse's eye after all the research and visual studying I've done.

I think I may have tightened up a little too much here on the eye itself. My ultimate aim with my work is to achieve both accuracy and expressive application of the  media I'm using. I know only practice will get me to a point I'm personally happy with. 

I'm realising now how much I love using graphite sticks to sketch with. It seems to glide onto the paper with more ease than using a standard graphite pencil, keeping the marks more relaxed and allowing me to work quicker. One of the great things about this project is that it's enabling me to experiment with some materials I haven't really spent a great deal of time using before and pure graphite is one of them. 

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