Day 28 #100horsesbyroxanne

Every Saturday I try and get to the local stables just up the road from my studio. The last few weeks have been bitterly cold and with so many animal commissions on the go I've had to have a few weeks away from it. Today I was back 😊 but am still finding drawing horses from life particularly frustrating at the moment. I desperately want to capture their form and movement I see directly in front of me but because they keep moving I then get irritated. I feel tense when I'm drawing them from life and this needs to change!

This may be due to the fact that I've been so used to working from photos in the studio for so long or maybe it's because I'm a perfectionist? Maybe it's a combination? Perhaps it's because my brain is telling me it's got to be a 'finished' drawing with shading every time when it really isn't about that? I don't know, but all I do know is that I'm finding it really difficult.

Today I ended up spending most of the hour not drawing and observing the horses instead. However, these are the few small sketches I did manage to do. Having Miro's approval made me feel slightly better about them. He seemed happy and interested with what I'd done πŸ€— (see main photo).

Drawing the proportions of the horse's head from life.

Drawing horses from life.

Whenever I feel like I'm being defeated with something I'm always determined to continue and overcome it whether it be art related or not. I'm absolutely committed to my art and will keep going with this as I know I can do it but the big question is how? πŸ€”Β 

How can I relax and loosen up my drawing when I'm outside? How can I capture the horse with just a few simple lines instead of trying to depict EVERYTHING? This takes skill and LOTS of practice and I admire any artist that can do it. Hopefully, one day, I'll be able to do it too 😊

A few more pics of Inca, Miro and I 😍 xx

Drawing horses from life.

Drawing horses from life.

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