Day 27 #100horsesbyroxanne

I've started to explore the horse's head from a variety of angles. Drawing horses from any angle is difficult but I found that this one just flowed without me having to make many alterations. Now, the neck could do with being a little wider as it comes back towards the body and that line which forms the top right of the neck underneath the mane is bugging me and could do with softening so that it makes the neck look more three-dimensional. The leg also looks too thin but apart from that I'm pleasantly surprised at how this one has turned out, especially as it's from an angle I'm not so used to drawing. 

These are the types of poses I want to be practising drawing more of. This is so much more interesting to me than just a side view. Here I've managed to achieve the movement and energy I wanted to capture without going into too much detail. Yes, there's detail in the head but that hint of the body using only a few lines is just enough information to let the viewer know exactly what's going on in the picture.

I'm looking forward to practising drawing the rest of the horse's body in the coming weeks. I'm sure it'll be an eye opener and will learn things I never even knew 😊

Again, this one is drawn with a pure graphite stick but perhaps tomorrow I'll try something different 🤔 

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