Day 36 #100horsesbyroxanne

Following on from yesterday I'm delving deeper into 'shadow mapping'. After a little research I found out that this is the term for what I was explaining yesterday about what we used to do at art school in our life classes. I found this name mentioned in Part 2 of artist, Will Kemp's blog about light and shadow. I also read that there is something similar to this called 'Notan' drawing. This is when you arrange the darks, lights and mid tones in a painting or drawing to create a strong composition. 

Shadow mapping helps you look for the shadow line and the distinction between light and dark in a subject and Will suggests that pens are best suited for this exercise as it forces you not to get wrapped up in the finer details. However, I continued to use my mixed media but because I knew I could erase anything I did due to me using charcoal and graphite, it took me a little longer to do this one as my brain was beginning to want to draw the details I was seeing. So, tomorrow I may take Will's advice and use marker pens instead 😎. 

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