Day 42 #100horsesbyroxanne

Over the past few days, as I've been focussing more on the horse's body, I've been looking at its anatomy and drawing the entire body by eye without me doing any kind of real measuring. This takes time so if i'm wanting to become more accurate in depicting the proportions of the horse then surely there are tools out there that can make the process a little quicker and easier, like I'd found for the head of the horse? 

After doing a little research online, I found a few tutorials on how to draw horses using squares and circles to help establish the horse's structure. I think these are great tools to use to lay down the horse's initial form when drawing from life and from imagination or memory. 

After following the tutorial and seeing the final outcome I can see that the proportions aren't 100% correct. The legs are perhaps a bit short and the rump too small but you can see that the overall drawing is definitely a horse and is 'pretty' accurate. It's at this point that I'd start to go back and alter the proportions and features to match the horse I'm drawing from because like humans, all horses are different. 

I want to do a few more of these and possibly look at different techniques, so that I can get used to using new processes to help me develop my practice. 

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