Day 48 #100horsesbyroxanne

Today I wanted to revisit one of the poses I'd drawn for yesterday's piece because I wasn't happy with it. This is a much better attempt (thank goodness 😅) but there are still a few issues I can see with the proportions here. 

I LOVE working on brown paper. I really enjoy drawing on the slightly textured surface. It's also useful to have the coloured ground to work on to help set the mid tones of the subject when shading. Having now done a few of these stick drawings over the past few days to establish the form and movement of the horse, here I wanted to start 'fleshing it out' to give it a three-dimensional appearance using graphite and pastel. 

Below are a few progress photos of the drawing before I began shading. You can see how I begin with the stick structure and then start to bulk out the limbs around the lines. 



Line drawing of a galloping horse.



Line drawing of a horse galloping





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