Day 54 #100horsesbyroxanne

Something a little different today and delving into something deeper than looking at horse anatomy and proportions. As I progress with this project certain questions are beginning to arise in my head which I'm certain are there to help guide where I'm going with my practice. 

One of these questions I've been asking myself is, if working figuratively, how much detail does a drawing/painting REALLY need in order for the subject to still be recognisable? and, what important elements DO need to be present to make for a strong piece of work? 

Today is not about getting the proportions absolutely spot on but is more to do with exploring self expression and finding my own artistic voice. Using graphite I drew out the initial form of the horse then erased it and kept repeating these two steps until I was relatively happy. The photo below is at a stage where I could've perhaps left it but the hard outline of the horse was bugging me so I took the piece further and ended up with the drawing above. 

I'm still not entirely sure where this is going but I'm feeling good about the fact that I'm starting to question myself more deeply as to where my work is heading. The only way to try and figure all this out is to continue creating, making mistakes and learning from them. 


Soft pencil drawing of a horse standing.


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    Yes, I get it. I seem to remember reading a book that featured something called ‘shadowdancers’, they were spirits that stood on the periphery of battles. You couldn’t actually see them but noticed them when you looked away and then just caught them in your peripheral vision. Only to disappear when you looked for them again. Just thought I’d mention it. x

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