Day 53 #100horsesbyroxanne

I was so pleased with yesterday's drawing that I decided to leave it as it was and not shade it in. Today I drew out the same pose and this time used tone to describe the horse's form and to achieve a three-dimensional feel. By doing one line drawing and one shaded drawing of the same horse, in the same position, I can now look back at any time to see what my process was. 

Not only have I wanted to capture the stance of this horse for a long time but also the light. It's these two elements that drew me to take the reference photo of the horse in the first place and I think I've finally achieved it in my drawing. 

My work has begun to get a little tighter again over the past few days but this is so that I can learn to accurately depict the full body of the horse from an anatomical sense.

I've used graphite and pastel and may begin using wet media alongside these materials in the coming weeks. This may be ink or watercolour or even acrylic. I'm not sure which one to start with yet. Decisions, decisions 🤩

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