Day 52 #100horsesbyroxanne

I'm revisiting an image I tried to draw last year from I photo I took. The pose of the horse is a good example of foreshortening as the horse is turned diagonally away from the viewer. I tried to capture this one so many times and ended up throwing all my attempts away, until today! 🥳

Having learned, over the course of this project, how to draw proportions accurately by using the length of the head to measure against certain parts of the horse's body, and using shapes to lay down the structure of the animal, I have FINALLY managed to sketch this horse without it looking too bad at all. The head could've done with being a tad smaller but hey! I'm just so pleased with the result. 

I was going to 'flesh' this one out by shading it but something inside was telling me to leave it as it was. I really like seeing the workings out so I'm calling this one done for today 😊

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