Day 51 #100horsesbyroxanne

The horses I usually go and draw have still got their rugs on out in the field so I'm finding it really hard to see their form. So, today I went to draw some other local horses instead. This time two stunning sturdy Cobs. The owner was also there which was brilliant because I could try and capture her too, although not very successfully may I add 🤣. Trying to draw both a horse and a person together is a completely separate challenge in itself but I gave it a go. 

I've been itching to put what I've learnt over the past week into practice, using the stick figure method to try and capture the pose and movement of the horse. Compared to how I was drawing from life at the start of the project these ones are such a vast improvement. Instead of trying to include every detail, which is absolutely impossible because the animals are constantly moving, I've now come to realise that the main aim of my life drawing at present is to capture movement and pose. Until I'm comfortable with depicting these two aspects then that's what I'll be focussing on. I'm not going to be worrying about 'fleshing out' any of my life studies at this stage. 

This is my very first attempt at drawing from life in this way and although I still found it a struggle to work really fast, I have every faith that with more practice my life drawing will become stronger with time. 



Life pencil drawings of horses.



Life pencil drawing of horses.



Life pencil drawings of horses.


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