Day 50 #100horsesbyroxanne

It's day 50! 🥳 How the heck have I managed to do 50 drawings already? 😱 It's quite incredible how much you can achieve when you put your mind to it. 

Continuing to work on brown paper and in pastel and graphite, I decided to draw this beauty 😍

I've always had a thing for Cobs and I'm not talking about the sandwich variety 🤣 no, I mean the breed of horse. I used to have a horse called, Boswell, on part loan for three years. He was a 16hh Irish Cob and was one of the most amazing horses I've ever had the pleasure to look after and ride. Boswell was a strapping grey and the reference photo I took of this horse really reminded me of him so thought i'd draw him for todays piece. 

Shading is when the real magic happens. It's the process of adding value to create the illusion of form in a drawing, creating a three-dimensional effect. It's when a drawing really starts to come to life and it's my favourite part of the process 😊

Because of the horse's light colour here, I've added darker graphite behind him to make the image stand out on the paper as I really wanted the grey to shine. I also applied the stick figure method I've been using over the last five days, to establish the movement of the horse as I'm finding this to be a real benefit to my drawing. Although quite detailed I wanted to see if I could depict this horse's pose in my usual way of working before I go looser with these ones. My ultimate goal is to achieve both accuracy and expression combined. 

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