Day 59 #100horsesbyroxanne

All this studying of horse's legs made me want to...well...draw more legs 🤩

I've really started to get into the nitty gritty of the anatomy of the legs, reading up on how they move and what each part is called and what each part actually does. I've then been translating the main structural points (the joints and bones) into stick figures, which has helped me to build up the initial form of the legs on which to build upon. The stick figures are also a great way to help quickly establish the correct positioning and angles.

Over the last two days my drawings have been quite basic but technical so today I wanted to put what I've been learning into action into a mixed media piece. Because I'm focussing on the legs at present I thought I'd depict just those and nothing else. 

Here, I've used charcoal, pastel and graphite on cardboard. Like the brown paper I was drawing on a few weeks ago I'm really loving working onto the cardboard. I think it's the brown ground colour which acts as a really great mid tone that I particularly enjoy about it. The lines of the card do show up but I quite like the idea of the material showing itself and being part of the work. The media I was using also seemed to glide over the surface with ease and any mistakes made were easy to erase. 


  • Posted by David Alton on

    Love this! The lighting is so good, really brings out the horse’s form!

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