Day 6 #100horsesbyroxanne

On day two I took some time to study the horse's skull from the side and how it connects to the spine. Today it's all about how the front view of the skull is constructed. I would like to eventually be able to draw the skull from memory to make sure that what I am learning is actually sinking in 💪 

I'm using my technical drawing skills to better understand its anatomy, starting with the head and gradually moving around the body. My aim is to start from its core by looking at the skeleton, then onto the muscles and then to use what I've learnt and apply it to my expressive work throughout the 100 days and beyond.

I drew this with pencil in my A3 sketchbook and it almost fills the entire page. I haven't labelled all of the parts as there are so many. I've noted the parts that I think will be relevant. Most of my anatomical studies will be documented in this sketchbook so they are all kept together for my own reference. 

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