Day 67 #100horsesbyroxanne

I believe it can be really beneficial to study and copy the work of an artist who inspires you. As long as it's for learning purposes only and not for financial gain, it can teach you how the artist works(ed) and about their process. This is exactly what I'm doing here.

As I've recently been observing the anatomy of the horse's legs, I was intrigued to understand how Leonardo da Vinci handled the same subject matter. As I did yesterday, today I've made another attempt at making studies of some of his horse leg drawings. This time they depict the back legs and hindquarters. Da Vinci's knowledge of horse anatomy was second to non and he really knew how to express the sheer strength of the horse through his representation of its muscular system.  

I've opted to leave some of the drawings as linear sketches, some shaded in with graphite pencil and others in coloured pencil so that I can look back on them as a reference in the future to see how I tackled each stage.

Pencil drawing studies of horse's back legs. After Da Vinci.

The image below is of Leonardo da Vinci's drawings that I worked from for todays studies. 

Pencil horse studies by Leonardo da Vinci.

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