Day 68 #100horsesbyroxanne

I've been studying many horse anatomy books for my 100 day project but for me the books written by 'Horses Inside Out' founder, Gillian Higgins have been by far the most helpful and easiest to understand.

Gill is an artist in her own right. She spends hours painting the anatomy of the horse onto the horse itself to show her students how everything works as the horse is standing or moving. Her work is absolutely incredible!

The purpose of the award-winning organisation, 'Horses Inside Out', is to give those working with horses or anyone interested in horses the chance to discover more about this incredible animal from an anatomical point of view. For more information go to the 'Horses Inside Out' website. There is some fascinating content on there. Gill's books are also available to purchase here on her online store and she even organises online and in person workshops.

Today's drawing is all about practising drawing the horse's muscles seen from the side, which I've referenced from one of Gill's amazing books. This is the first time I've sat and drawn the muscles of the entire horse and it took me quite a while to get everything in proportion and in the right place. I've intentionally tightened up my drawing quite a lot over the past few days in order to depict the muscles as accurately as I possibly can. I've also returned to coloured pencils today so that I can give a clear view of the placement of all the superficial muscles. It's going to be interesting to try and pinpoint where each of these muscles are when I go and draw the horse's from life. 

The images below are before I added the labels to the drawing. 

A pencil drawn diagram of the superficial muscles of a horse.

A pencil drawn diagram of the superficial muscles of a horse.

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