Day 69 #100horsesbyroxanne

Today, I'm learning about the superficial muscles of the horse but from a different angle. This time it's from above.

It's not surprising that I've never depicted a horse from this position before and I can safely say that I didn't draw this from life and wasn't standing on ladders to achieve it 😊 👍 No, the reference image I used was taken again from one of the many brilliant Horses Inside Out books by Gillian Higgins. Gillian has very kindly allowed me to use some of her material for the purpose of my 100 day project. Thank you Gill 🤗

Drawing the horse from this angle was really tricky. Not only is there the fact that I'm trying to execute the accuracy of the muscles but I'm also dealing with foreshortening and proportion. I'm really happy with my attempt but on second glance I notice that the proportions are slightly out. The head could've done with being a little smaller in comparison to the buttocks. 

Studying and depicting the basic muscular system of the horse has been so interesting for me. I've realised that without this fundamental knowledge and not recognising the anatomy of the horse, it is this that has probably slowed me up over the years by having to rectify unnecessary mistakes. A lot of the horse's muscles are visible beneath the skin. By learning a little more about what's going on under there I'm beginning to feel that this invaluable information is what I've been lacking for a long time in my art practice. 

A pencil drawing showing the superficial muscles of a horse from above.

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