Day 79 #100horsesbyroxanne

Day 79 and I'm 'inking' again 😊 I'm still using the sepia drawing ink from yesterday but today's is slightly different. I'm combining charcoal and pastel with the ink to enhance the form of the horse.

As with watercolours I can't seem to work in ink alone. Somehow it doesn't feel enough for me. I enjoy contrasts in texture and line which can be created by a selection of materials. So, using a combination of a variety of media I get the best of everything I like. Working in mixed media really excites me. 

Here I'm using willow charcoal and white pastel alongside the ink, to highlight certain contours and darker areas. I had to be really careful not to lose the essence of the movement of horse and have held back on adding anymore detail which could've made it look quite static in comparison.

I set my timer for 12 minutes for this one. The proportions have kind of gone out the window but I'm really happy with the gestural qualities of this one. 







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