Day 99 #100horsesbyroxanne

Wow! I can't actually believe that it's the final day of the project tomorrow. It really doesn't seem like 100 days at all 😱.

Today I decided to try out the same method as yesterday and set out with the same intention of simplifying the horse and rider using mainly line. Not only did I use line to help reduce the detail but also used it to help convey the overall feel of the piece. By using proper line weight, such as thick or thin or light or dark lines, it can often be just as effective, if not more than using shading to make a drawing 'work'. Line can suggest so many things. As with yesterday's, I wanted to express the weight of the rider and the light, effortless movement of the horse. 

I attempted to draw thinner lines with a fine liner pen over the top of the rider to help suggest some of the detail of the jacket. Personally, I don't think this adds much to the overall piece especially as it's really hard to see them anyway. I think it would've been just enough without them. 

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