Day 22 #100horsesbyroxanne

Foreshortening is a tricky thing to master and it's something I've not practised for a while so now's the perfect opportunity to get back to it. Today I'm using graphite sticks, white chalk pastel and an eraser.

Foreshortening is a technique of depicting an object in a picture which produces the illusion of something being closer or further away. In this case the horse is looking away from us so the head become smaller because it is further away and Its shoulder is larger because it's the closest thing to us.

I always appear to be drawing either the side of the horse or the horse from the front but want to start observing it from a variety of angles to create more interest in my work. Studying foreshortening again will definitely help me achieve this. I think the head could've done with being a tad smaller here but I'm pleased with my efforts 😊

I've found a great website which is really useful on the subject of foreshortening called, The Draw Paint AcademyDan Scott who has written the blog explains it in simple terms. 

With today's drawing I'm also touching on the idea of light. Strong lighting creates strong highlights and shadows, which enhances the form of a subject and gives the piece a three-dimensional feel. Depending on what you're trying to convey in the drawing or painting it can also be a key contrast to use to express the meaning of a piece of work.


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