Day 57 #100horsesbyroxanne

The 100 day project for me was never about creating finished pieces of work all of the time. This was all about a personal creative journey to help me grow as an artist. I set out not only to understand more about the anatomy of the horse but to seek out ways to help me with the proportions of the horse too. As well as the technical side I also wanted this project to take me on a journey of self discovery leading me into exciting artistic directions, which I'm beginning to feel like it is. Taking one part of the horse at a time, starting with the head and then moving onto the rest of the body, I have been able to break down the animal bit by bit to prevent me from experiencing any overwhelm. By sticking to my intentions I definitely feel like all the research and constant drawing is beginning to pay off. 

Today I wanted to start focussing more on the horses legs because I've always found drawing them the most difficult. By studying how the legs work I believe it'll help me overcome the struggle I often experience when trying to depict them.

I've started with depicting the bones of the front and back legs, getting to know where all the joints are and how they move. I've then broken them down into stick figures to help me simplify them when laying down the initial proportions of future drawings.

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