Day 77 #100horsesbyroxanne

I'm really getting into this fast sketching lark. It's so exciting and engrossing, I feel like I could literally sketch like this for hours 🤗

The problem I felt I was facing on day 74 regarding trying to combine expression with accuracy, I'm now realising is achievable but, as with anything else, it needs lots of practice and lots of room to make mistakes along the way. It may be that I continue to do these quick, timed sketches every day as part of my practice, almost as a warm-up before I start my day in the studio. It also doesn't have to be horses I draw, it can be any subject just as long as I'm making time to draw quickly and preferably from life. I think if I begin to view this as an extension of my art, then in no time my observational skills, together with that looseness I'm trying to achieve will come more easily. 

The time was set for 10 minutes for the first drawing (above) and the next three drawings were all done in 2 minutes. All were created using willow charcoal. The second one I found really tricky to do when I reduced the timing. By the third and fourth I seemed to have found my rhythm 💪 

Second drawing

 Fast charcoal sketch of a horse.

Third drawing

Fast charcoal sketch of a horse.

Fourth drawing

Fast charcoal sketch of a horse.


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