Day 82 #100horsesbyroxanne

Today I wanted to continue working from the life sketches I did on Wednesday. This time I chose to focus on one of the horse's heads.  

There's a horse in the field I draw in called, 'Jorge' and he has the most beautiful, friendly eyes and has such long eyelashes. I always seem to gravitate towards him. Plus he tends to doze a lot which means he doesn't move around as much as the other horses so is easier for me to draw.

I worked from two pen sketches of Jorge's head (see photos below) for todays pencil drawings (see photo above). Again, I didn't use any reference photos, just my sketches, my memory of Jorge and the horse anatomy I've learnt during this project. 


 Pen life sketch of a horse's head


Pen life sketch of a horse's head.

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